Raise a Puppy

If a puppy has just appeared in your house, this article will help you take the right course in his upbringing. Go ahead and everything will work out for you! And here you are — a happy dog owner!

When the first euphoria subsides, you are guaranteed to ask the question: how to raise a puppy? After all, an obedient, docile, and well-mannered puppy will grow up to be a comfortable dog for living together. But if you haven’t got a puppy yet, and you want to please yourself with something, then visit slot-wolf-gold.com/.

How to Properly Raise a Puppy?

Raising a puppy involves practicing skills such as:

  • reacting to the nickname,
  • getting used to the collar, harness, and leash, getting used to the muzzle,
  • getting used to showing teeth, manipulating ears and paws,
  • getting used to walking on a sagging leash,
  • practicing commands “Next to”, “To me”, “Sit”, “Lie Down”, “Stand”,
  • practicing elementary endurance in basic positions,
  • weaning a puppy to bite and pick up food from the ground.

Specialist supervision: Since this type of training is not normative, it often includes other wishes of the owners, such as the socialization of the puppy, getting used to the place, weaning from the bed, getting used to cleanliness, the formation of food and game motivation and maintaining the right balance between both types of motivation, the formation of the processes of arousal and inhibition, etc.

When to Start Raising a Puppy?

It is possible (and necessary) to start raising a puppy from the first day of his stay in a new home. Only education is different from education. It is not necessary to “take the bull by the horns” and grab the training of all teams at once on the first day. Let the baby adapt, and explore a new home.

Your new family member will eat, sleep and play.

The game is a great way to develop motivation, focus on the host, and switchability. What’s there — the whole training process can be turned into an interesting game!

And considering that the puppy comes to us in a state of “soft plasticine”, we have the opportunity to mold the very dog we dreamed of. And this modeling is a constant process that requires us to be almost 100% involved in a small pet.

We need to actively encourage correct behavior and small victories of our crumbs regularly and ignore or switch (and ideally not allow) incorrect behavior.

Types of Puppy Education

Raising a Puppy with a Game

While the puppy is in quarantine, you have a head start! This is your time! The time when you can quite easily “tie up” the dog on yourself. Learn to play with a puppy. To play honestly, selflessly, and sincerely. Use the toy to simulate prey and how it runs away. Usually, the hare does not jump into the dog’s mouth, he does not fly through the air over the puppy’s head. Play carefully and remember that jumping at an early age is dangerous and very traumatic.

While playing, teach the puppy to switch from your hands or feet to play with a toy. Teach him to love playing with you, otherwise, after going outside and getting to know other dogs, it will be difficult for you to beat them and capture his attention.

Raising a Puppy by Earning Food

How many times a day does your baby eat? 4 times? Great, so you’ll have 4 workouts a day. Learn from the very first day of the baby’s stay in the house to work with him regularly. Teach your baby to earn food, too. Your workouts should not be long: for a puppy up to four months old, a training session of 10 to 15 minutes will be enough.