Any business owner will tell you just how important it is to onboard talented individuals. Doing so can be the difference that determines whether a business is a success or a failure but, unfortunately, it can be a difficult goal to achieve.

When it comes to healthcare, finding the right talent becomes even more important. Let’s take a look at why that is and discuss why it can be such a difficult process to get right in the US healthcare industry.

Why is Finding the Right Talent So Important?

It’s no secret that US healthcare providers are always on the lookout for new talent. It’s why so many are turning to services such as and why it can be so difficult for job seekers and graduates to break into the industry.

Why do healthcare providers prioritize talent so much? The answer is relatively simple; it’s because of the critical role healthcare providers play and the level of responsibility they have to handle.

When someone visits a healthcare provider, they put their trust in the professionals to deliver them the highest possible level of care. If mistakes are made or a patient is treated by someone underqualified or too inexperienced, the consequences can be incredibly serious. Not only will the welfare of the patient be in jeopardy, but the provider could face legal action for malpractice.

For this reason, finding the right talent is absolutely critical for US healthcare providers. However, this is easier said than done. Let’s find out more.

What Makes this so Difficult?

Why is it so difficult for US healthcare providers to find and onboard the right talent? There is no one reason we can point to that explains the troubles providers face. Instead, it’s the result of myriad issues that, together, have created the perfect storm.

One reason is the aging population of the US. The healthcare industry thrives on young, ambitious and talented individuals to provide care and develop new ideas. As the population of the country gets older, these individuals become more difficult to find.

Another reason is low retention rates within the industry. Healthcare roles are regularly ranked as among the most stressful jobs in the world. Hours can be long and workloads can be extremely intensive. As a result, providers can find it difficult to hold onto their talented team members, many of whom leave to seek work in less stressful and demanding sectors.

How Can Healthcare Providers Find the Right Talent?

While it is difficult, healthcare providers can still find talented individuals, all it takes is an understanding of the most effective approaches.

Job adverts should be detailed and posted across the right boards and portals. By outlining exactly what the role entails, you will ensure you are attracting candidates who are well-suited.

Stringent vetting processes are essential too. Candidates should go through multiple rounds of interviews and trial periods as well. This way, providers can ensure they have the skills and experience required before they are offered a position.


It’s becoming increasingly difficult for US healthcare providers to find talent, a result of the aging US population and low retention rates. The issue can be addressed by using recruitment agencies, positing detailed job ads and implementing strict interview procedures.