Online shopping is a growing tendency in India, with the number of sellers and buyers increasing by large percentages every day. But according to a report by Statista, and total retail e-commerce is expecting India to grow by 23% by 2021, but with apparel being the largest segment. Because clothing is still a critical product to sell online today. But other items highly sought after by online shoppers include mobile phones, consumer electronics, shoes, health and nutritional supplements, beauty products, kitchen and home textiles, fashion accessories, jewellery, books, toys and video games, handmade items, and online subscriptions.

Products most demanded and sold online in India


Dresses make up the largest segment of all products sold online in India. But almost 35% of all online sales revenue comes from clothing and apparel. Clothing includes women’s clothing, men’s clothing and children’s clothing.

Cell Phones

Mobile phones are all the rage on e-commerce sites. People are also selling online, all makes and models available on the open market. As a result, it’s easy for buyers to compare models online before buying a phone of their choice.

Books and Stationery

When purchased on the open market, buying a book can take a long time. It is easy for a buyer to find a selected title seller on e-commerce sites. Educational, fiction and reference work from Indian and foreign publishers are available on e-commerce sites. Since the lockdown, several brands have started selling stationery online. You can sell personalized, print-on-demand, and original stationery items online that are otherwise uncommon in stores.

Consumer Electronics

Ecommerce websites are great platforms for buying and selling consumer electronics such as laptops, tablets, and digital cameras. By 2025, India will become the fifth-largest sustainable consumption market globally.


Online is perhaps the finest place to search and shop for shoes. The varieties are exhaustive and include men’s and women’s shoes, slippers, sandals and sneakers. In addition, people can choose from the best brands worldwide.


Buying unique jewellery is often a difficult task when purchasing over the counter. However, the entire process of choosing favourite items and making purchases from the world’s leading companies is accessibly through e-commerce websites.

Fashion Accessories

It is evident that after jewellery, fashion accessories are a popular category of products sold online. Belts, purses, wallets, headbands, and watches are items commonly bought online by Indians.

Beauty Products

Skincare products such as creams, lotions, face masks, moisturizers and perfumes are popular online items. Haircare products include gel, ointment, colour, shampoo, hairdryer, etc. They are products that are widely available on e-commerce websites.

Computer Hardware, Software and Accessories

Desktop computers, hard drives, storage devices, printers, scanners, mice, and switches are computing devices and accessories that people in India buy online. Leading brands in the market are available to customers at highly reasonable prices.

Video Game

E-commerce sites in India to buy video games, especially as gifts for children. Games like FIFA World Cup, Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty etc., all are available online.

Toys and Games

Online sites are a paradise for children’s toys. From traditional games like Snakes and Ladders Scrabble to state-of-the-art RC Cars and Helicopters, e-shops have everything you could wish.

Domestic Appliances

Cette catégorie de produits, and buy les bruleurs, les fours à micro-ondes, les autocuiseurs, les machines à laver, les fers à repasser électriques, les bouilloires, les cuiseurs à riz, lesplates à induction, etc., est couramment vendue online.

Sporting Goods and Fitness Equipment

Recently, these products have found many buyers online. For example, cricket bats, tennis and badminton racquets, soccer balls and basketballs, carom boards, cricket equipment and hockey sticks, etc. They are readily available online.

Baby Care Products

Baby items are a great source of income for online sales. Wide sale of Products such as soap, powder, cream, oil, cloth and diapers are online retail sites. In addition, items such as baby bottles, teethers, pacifiers and soothers are also commonly sold.

Dietary Supplements and Dietary Supplements

Health and nutritional supplements are a new addition to the online offering. The changing lifestyle has prompted many Indians to choose health and dietary supplements, increasing the demand for these products. Ecommerce websites are the best option to buy such products.