The Korean skincare trend is not new. However, it seems to be a growing trend. People have adopted a time-consuming and expensive routine from celebrities to online influencers to the girl next door. However, getting the best Korean skincare is far from costly or time-consuming. On the contrary, Korean products are pretty cheap, so although our title mentions “7 steps,” the routine is straightforward.

After endless hours of researching Korean skincare, I wanted to know what makes this routine magical and memorable. Especially if you have noticed some Korean women’s skin, you would think of the real magic behind their performance. The Korean skincare routine efficiently cleanses and nourish the skin without using products or methods that attack or damage the skin’s natural protective barrier. Instead, these products and steps ensure you don’t dry out your skin.

The fact is that overly dehydrating your skin can cause some problems, including acne. I’ve struggled with acne and blemished skin myself, so I figured a Korean skincare routine might help somehow. Then I started a Korean skincare routine about two years ago, and I can tell you, my skin has drastically changed for the better!

Step 1: Oil Cleaner

A Korean skincare routine needs a two-step cleansing process. It is the key to beautiful skin! The oil is excellent for removing impurities built up during the day without drying out the skin. For example, if you use makeup remover wipes, skip this step and do a double cleanse instead. Makeup remover wipes don’t remove makeup as a double edit. However, a suitable oil cleanser will remove most makeup. Also, makeup remover wipes are generally not good for the environment.

Step 2: Cleansing Foam

After removing most of your makeup with an oil-based cleanser, the next step is to rewash your face. Use a foam cleaner this time. It will remove any remaining residue and ensure your look is clean and free of dirt or makeup. In addition, it provides that the skin is free from all impurities for a radiant and smooth appearance. It is essential to rub the product for about a minute before cleaning gently. Roughly rubbing the cleanser can cause the skin to sag or wrinkle. It’s important to remember to be as gentle as possible when applying products to the face. I have found that a double cleanse the most critical factor in clearing my acne.

Step 3: Exfoliate

Exfoliating your skin is an vital step in keeping your skin clear, promoting anti-ageing, reducing discolouration and improving your overall skin texture. However, it is unnecessary to exfoliate every day as over-exfoliating can also be harmful. Instead, it recommends exfoliating two to three times a week. Also, pay attention to the types of scrubs you use. Some can be too hard. For example, seed scrubs have sharp edges that can cause micro-cracks in the skin. A chemical peel is usually best, but some physical peels are also excellent.

Step 4: Toners

Toner is a step many people overlook. However, toner is an essential step in a Korean skincare routine that should not ignore. Why is toner essential? After facial cleansing and exfoliation, toning helps remove any remaining residue and balance your skin’s pH levels. Also, look for alcohol-free toners, as toners moisturize (not dry) the skin.

Step 5: Essence/Serum/Treatments

There’s a debate about what’s important, your skin needs, and what step you should take first. An essence and a serum are somewhat similar, but they are different. A body is more refined or more like water. It is helpful in the absorption of serums, treatments and moisturizers. Hence, it is a step you can have in your morning and evening routine. You can help with serums at night and moisturizers in the morning.

On the other hand, the serum has a thicker consistency than essence. Therefore, when applying products to your face after cleansing, you must use thinner to more comprehensive (this is why serums and treatments follow toner and body). In addition, a serum is more concentrated and usually targets a specific skin concern. Several different serums are available from those for discolouration, acne, wrinkles, and more.

Step 6: Sheet Masks

Day, but maybe two otherwise three times a week. However, the advantages of a fabric mask are many! Several different sheet masks target specific skin concerns. Fortunately, the pharmacy offers many options at very reasonable prices.

Step 7: Eye Cream

I realize how significant a good eye cream is as I get older. The eye contour is a step that can be done in the afternoon or the morning, depending on you preference. The eye contour is more of a preventive measure that I apply in the evening. However, there are times when I use eye cream in the morning, especially when I wake up with puffy eyes. It all depends on what I need. For example, I have an awful habit of rubbing my eyes, so an anti-wrinkle cream is essential in my routine. But first, find out what your needs are, and then figure out where to go from there.