Good foods for healthy and strong hair – we are what we eat”. Ok…it is confirmed that you will have heard this phrase hundreds of times throughout your life. But, it is like that. You can’t imagine how food influences the health of your body. It is the basis of everything. And your hair is no exception. So, why don’t you dare to add a good twist to your diet? Of course, yes, handsome.

List of good foods to strengthen hair!

What is promised is debt. Here you have our ranking of healthy foods to show off a hair of scandal. If you want to join the healthy and robust hair team, consume these foods regularly.

Spinach – Strong Hair

Cast? Although all vegetables are very healthy for hair, Popeye’s favorite stands out. The reason is that spinach contains a wide variety of nutrients that stimulate hair growth and strengthen it. They are rich in folic acid, iron, and vitamin C or beta-carotene, which takes care of the state of the follicles. In addition, they improve blood circulation. Both oxygen and nutrients reach the root of the hair much better. How do you stay?

Citrus: Orange, Tangerine, Lemon

Do you want to enjoy good hair health or, what is the same, leave your crush open-mouthed? Jokes aside, make the citrus family your best. These fruits contain significant amounts of vitamin C, which promotes collagen formation, a super-necessary protein for your hair and skin to be in perfect condition. They also help the absorption of iron, essential to show off a healthy mane .

Nuts: walnuts, Cashews…

They are one of the essential food groups if you have weakened hair and what you want is to strengthen it. They contain vitamin E and biotin, which are necessary if you want your hair to look silky and shiny. Walnuts, for example, are ironic in omega-3 fatty acids, which improve elastin and encourage hair growth.

Legumes: beans, lentils – Strong Hair

It amuses us when we now read that legumes are superfoods. And it is that they always have been and if not, tell our grandmothers. We recommend that you include them regularly in your diet for their contribution of B vitamins, manganese, iron, and magnesium. They are cheap and versatile when it comes to cooking, and, in addition, they are a crucial food for hair health: they help hair growth and prevent hair loss.


Darling, as we told you in one of our posts, biotin is perhaps the most popular group B vitamin, the must-have to show off extra-strong hair. And it is that it is one of the best vitamins for hair. Do you want to know where else to find it? Take note! In legumes, dairy products, meat, fish, strawberries and bananas. Voila! At Batiste, we recommend consuming eggs regularly since they have a high biotin content.

Dairy: milk and derivatives

Calcium is a vital organ for the growth and health of our hair. Go from fragile and brittle hair to great hair by consuming at least two servings of dairy daily. If you have any intolerance, don’t worry. Many other foods are rich in calcium: nuts, broccoli, sardines, prawns and other shellfish, chia, sesame or flax seeds, fruits such as kiwi, strawberries, raspberries, and figs.


It could not be missing from our TOP 1 0. Due to its high content of vitamin A, broccoli is an essential vegetable to promote cell oxygenation in the hair follicle. Cruciferous vegetables, in general (cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli…), are a source of beta-carotene and vitamin C, essential for producing the collagen our body needs. Broccoli is also rich in sulfur, a mineral that prevents hair loss. To finish… did you know that 50% of the daily food intake should be greens and vegetables that we should accompany with two or three pieces of fruit? oops…


It is the fashion food par excellence. Wow, the daily bread on Instagram, right? But, in addition, his fame is well deserved. This fruit is very beneficial for our hair because it contains healthy fats and vitamins A, B, C, and E. It is an ideal cocktail of nutrients to restore damaged hair, soften it and strengthen it, so many homemade masks contain avocado. But there is more! It is a top-natural product to make your hair grow faster and healthier, reducing frizz and enhancing the density of your hair.

Lean Meats – Strong Hair

Both the loin or sirloin and the white meats (chicken, turkey, or rabbit) are rich in proteins, which guarantee the regeneration and proper growth of the hair. The reason? Because the hair is primarily made up of a protein, keratin, so the diet must provide the necessary material so that the body can produce it usually. No more.

Seafood – Strong Hair

Excellent, both for the palate and for our hair. And it is that shellfish contains decisive minerals to enjoy optimal hair health. It is rich in zinc, copper, and selenium, essential for hair growth. Also, keep in mind that seafood is high in vitamin B12, the lack of which causes dryness and hair loss. Shall we make some grilled prawns.