Service and Payroll Administrative Repository of Kerala (SPARK), a web-founded G2E integrated solution for Service and Payroll Management, is an attempt to bring the payroll and finance-related activities of more than five lakh government employees on a single application. SPARK can trace service history, track records/bills/reports/orders, etc. This system allows the Permanent Employee Number (PEN) to register the employee’s Service Book. After that, PEN will be the code to identify the employee in the SPARK file. It will also record the specifics of loans, developments, and other subscriptions like LIC, SLI, GIS, FBS, etc.

Employees working under various departments in Kerala State Government can download their Kerala Employee Salary Slip 2023 or Kerala Employee Pay Slip from the official web portal of SPARK Login at

Contract Kerala Employee Payslip online by login into the SPART Web application. Kerala is one of the ten blisses for its unique culture and traditions, and It is one of the most popular tourist termini in the world. It is top in literateness ranking with 96% (Approximate).

Kerala Employee Salary Slip 2023

It is the one-stop explanation for all the state government employees working in different. It is a good step wherever, in earlier days, this is a lengthy procedure to take salary details (Kerala Employee Salary Slip 2023) to know deductions and earnings.

But now it has become more accessible with a few moves, we can know the details of an employee’s salary, leaves payroll, etc. If we find any mistakes, we can clear and rectify them. With just one click, we can know previous/ earlier years’ pay and monthly details.

It helps an employee to get a clear idea of their monthly earnings download payslip, and this is used as an essential document to get different types of loans like personal, vehicle, and Housing, etc.,

Kerala Employee Pay Slip 2023

SPARK is a web application initiative by the Finance Department, Government of Kerala, for the employees whose Service and Payroll Administrative Repository remains maintained in the SPARK project.

This portal will provide the employees with their Salary Slip view, Leave Management, Outside Duty and Compensatory Off requests, etc. Employees can use this portal with their registered mobile number in SPARK. Kerala Kerala is a web application for all employees. SPARK is an Inclusive Employee Management Information System for the Government of Kerala. Finance Department owns SPARK and facilitates its application through SPARK Project Management Unit.

For Finance Department, the National Informatics Centre (NIC) state unit develops the SPARK software. SPARK is a Unified Personnel, Payroll, and Accounts statistics system for all the Employees in the Government of Kerala. The system caters to Government Establishment’s Personnel Administration, Payroll and other Accounts activities.

Every employee is allotted a unique Permanent Employee Number (PEN) through the system. This Central system helps the departments to get details of any employee directly, achieve the highest level of transparency in dealing with the employees, more consistent application of rules, etc.

How to Download Kerala Employee Salary Slip 2023?

Kerala State Government, Investment Department, and Department of Treasuries and Accounts have launched the e-Payroll System official website to provide their employees with pay slips. So, employees in various departments in the Kerala state government can check details and download their monthly salary slips from your login web page at the e-payroll scheme web portal.

Visit the Website

SPARK Listed Employee can open any browser on your device, type SPARK Login web portal, in the URL bar, and hit enter button. Then certified Spark Salary Slip Generate Website will appear.

Click on the Login Spark Button

On the web portal’s homepage, click the Login Spark button on the internal of the screen. Then the SPARK Employee Login web page will seem.

Enter login details

On this web page, enter your login credentials, i.e., Username (PEN – Permanent Employee Number) and Password, in the obligatory fields. Enter the Captcha Code as it seems on the image, after which you should click the ‘Sign in’ button.

Select the View Salary Slip option

After successfully accessing your account on this SPARK Pay Slip Generate web application, click the ‘Accounts’ option on the menu bar. Select the “View Salary Slip” choice from the drop-down list. Then Kerala Salary Slip Make Web application appear.

Download Salary slip

Subsequently, Choose the month and year you want to download the salary slip. Finally, click the ‘Proceed’ button, and the requested Salary slip will remain displayed on your device. Transfer the salary slip and save or print it for further need.

What does the Kerala Employee Pay slip Comprise?

A salary slip is a document provided to an employee by their employer detailing their gross salary, deductions, and net salary for an explicit period, usually a month.

The Kerala Employee Salary Slip comprises details such as the employee’s name, designation, section, bank account number, and salary mechanisms such as basic pay, dearness grant, and other allowances and deductions.

The slip also confirmations the employee’s gross salary, which is the total salary before any deductions, and the net salary. Which is the salary customary by the employee after deductions such as taxes, provident fund, and other assumptions.

The salary slip is an essential document as it serves as proof of income. And remains also used for various financial transactions. Such as putting on a loan or opening a bank account.