To play online in the best conditions. It would help if you had a good Internet speed since it is the basis for establishing a connection to join the game. But what rate is needed? We will solve all your doubts.

It is not the same to play through platforms like Google Stadia. Where you need a more potent Internet connection than playing a chess game on the Internet. For this reason, the speed varies considerably depending on the use.

Why do you need a good connection to play online?

We have told you that you will need a better or worse connection depending on how you play online. And the reason has to do with the way you enjoy this hobby.

When you want to play online, you connect to the game servers. The connection required will be minimal if it is a clear title, such as a primary chess title.

But if you play through Stadia, which requires access to its servers to load the entire game graphical interface. A much more complete connection is needed. And in addition, there is another essential element: latency.

And it is essential that the speed is adequate and that the ping is as low as possible so that you do not suffer from the dreaded LAG.


What Minimum Speed Is Need To Play Online

To begin with, if you want to enjoy a Facebook game or a clear title, a 1 Mbps connection will be more than enough. But if you’re going to play through streaming game platforms like GeForce NOW, things change.

Our recommendation? For example, to play online with the PS4 or PS5, a minimum of 50 Mbps is required, something similar to the requirements of Google Stadia and other similar platforms that offer 4K resolution. If you want to enjoy online games without problems, choose a fiber rate of 600 Mbps to take care of your health and ensure that the gaming experience is the best.


How To Avoid Problems When Playing

Keep in mind that there are other features, besides the Internet connection, for you to have problems playing online. For this reason. We want to give you some tips that can help you have the best experience while enjoying your favorite titles. To begin with, it should remain note that your Internet connection is distribute among all the connect devices. If you notice that the relationship is slow, we recommend disconnecting all the equipment connect to your router except the computer or console you will use to play.



We also recommend that you verify that there is no background process on your console or computer that may be causing you not to be able to play the game in the right conditions. We are talking about an update or a game download that can saturate your Internet connection. As you may have seen. If you want to play online, you need a connection speed of 600 Mbps and confirm that there are no downloads in the background that could prevent it from working correctly. If you meet these supplies, you will be able to hit your enemies without any problem.