Suppose you are lucky enough to have normal skin moisturizer. That is soft and not prone to common skin problems (pimples, irritations, redness, dryness, etc.). In that case, this does not mean that you should not take care of it. Whatever the skin, cleansing and moisturizing remain a must. Only the products change. Below you will find tips for taking care of your skin and a selection of moisturizers for normal skin.

What are the Characteristics of Normal Skin?

Normal skin is skin that naturally has an excellent hydraulic balance. Its soft, supple, and rosy appearance is quite characteristic. It is not affected by dryness, irritation, pimples, and other skin problems found on different skin types. In short, it is the perfect skin, unfortunately not given to everyone, and it is advisable to take care of it so that it retains its beauty. So how do you moisturize your normal skin? I will answer you right away.

How to Choose a Good moisturizer?

It will not necessarily have the exact needs of oily, dry, or combination skin. For this type of skin, it is advisable to favor a light moisturizer. The richer products being reserved instead for the hydration of dehydrated skin. Normal skin is primarily define by its hydraulic balance, but it can still be sensitive. If this is the case, you can turn to moisturizers for sensitive skin or ultra-natural products such as vegetable oils or creams/milk with a natural composition. In general, always favor natural or “conventional” cosmetics (those using controversial ingredients, such as endocrine disruptors or silicones).

How to Choose Your moisturizer

What is the best product to moisturize the skin?

Three choices are available to moisturize your skin: cream, oil, and milk.

There is no one better than another. It all depends on your tastes. The best body moisturizer appeals to you in texture and delivers actual results.

I’m more of a face cream team and a body milk team. The cream is usually a little richer than the milk, which is particularly suitable for the face, which is constantly exposed and which dehydrates more quickly. I prefer lighter, more significant format milk for legs and arms that are less often uncovered. Especially if you have very pale skin, SPF along with moisturization is very important.

As for the oil, I don’t particularly like the liquid texture and the feeling of having a greasy film on the skin. In addition, it is richer in fat than other products, and I consider it more suitable for dry to dehydrated skin.

What Cream moisturizer the Skin?

The best moisturizer for the face is for sensitive skin from the Ballot Flurin brand, specializing in apicosmetics. I like its honey smell and melting texture, and I have seen actual results on my skin, which is softer and more luminous. Otherwise. I also really appreciate Caudalie’s vine source moisturizing gel cream and its thick pink glass jar for the glamorous little side. In pharmacies, I also sometimes buy light creams from dermatological brands such as light hydreane or light hydrant from Avène, although now that I have discovered the Ballot Flurin brand, this happens less often. Finally, I also recommend the gem moisturizer at Polaar glacier springs.

Moisturizing Oils

As I said earlier, I like oils a little less because of their texture and the feeling of a greasy film on the skin. Also, I hardly ever use it and maybe don’t get any better advice. Nevertheless, from what I have read on the subject or based on friends’ opinions. I know that Palmer’s Cocoa Dry Oil is quite popular, especially on parts of the body prone to stretch marks. He presents apricot kernel or jojoba oils as universal and suitable for all skin types. Otherwise, I have a book of slow cosmetics that lists the best moisturizing oils for the skin, according to different skin types.

Body Milk

I like the body milk the body for its light texture and large format. This is ideal for moisturizing legs and arms that require more moisturizer than the face. So, I use Ballot Flurin’s hive milk (for those who haven’t understood it yet, I’m really in love with this brand). Whose smell makes me an addict and penetrates very well into the skin without leaving a greasy feeling. Cheaper and more easily accessible in any supermarket, there is also body milk from Naturé Moi, which I like. I can’t find it on their site anymore, so I don’t know if it still exists, but I make a special mention of the one with organic burgundy flax and sesame oil.

The Beauty Routine for Normal Skin

As with all skin types, the beauty routine is divided into three essential parts: makeup removal, cleansing, and hydration. Then, depending on the needs, specific treatments can be added occasionally or additionally (clay scrub, moisturizing face mask once a week, moisturizing serum, etc.).

I remove my makeup first with a makeup remover oil (I skip this step when I don’t wear makeup). Then, I hydrate my skin with one of the moisturizers I frequently use (the ones I mentioned above). Then, I cleanse my skin with a foaming gel (the Avène cleansing foam) even if I plan to clean myself soon with a vegetable soap instead.