Men are also sometimes very worried about the birth of their child, as well as mothers. In this article, we will discuss future fathers.

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Is There Great News in Your Family?

There is great news in your family — a baby is coming soon? You are happy, but at the same time there are worries and fears, excitement and tension: what will happen, how everything will happen, whether you can cope, whether you can. All mood swings and instability of a woman’s psychological state can be explained by hormonal changes and other changes in the body. But what about future dads? For them, this is also a very disturbing and difficult stage. A pregnant woman, because of the changes taking place in her body, suddenly becomes very fragile and vulnerable – not only physically, but also emotionally.

From a man at this moment, everyone expects understanding, help, support, and calmness — and after all, he is going through a crisis of changing his social role. A new role comes to the man – the father. Perhaps one of the most important moments in a man’s life. Only a strong desire to understand and help psychologically can give the mood that both future parents need, which will ease these difficult months and help them move together, as one, to the role of parents of a newborn child.

Recommendations to the Future Dad

Attend a women’s consultation with your wife. Most doctors will be very supportive of the family’s desire to attend consultations together.

Experience pregnancy together. As already noted above, it will be easier for you to understand your wife, experiencing pregnancy with her: helping to do exercises, approving healthy eating choices, etc. If possible, do not miss a joint vacation, trip, or communication with mutual friends —soon you will both be deprived of the freedom necessary for these matters for some time.

Learn more about pregnancy. Arm yourself in advance with books, films, and programs about pregnancy, about the physiological and psychological changes that occur with your spouse. This way it will be easier for you to understand it, and you will be ready for the difficulties that may arise.

Communicate with your child before birth. Stroke your wife’s tummy and feel the child’s response movements, sing to him or read aloud — you don’t have to pick up books of children’s fairy tales, because the main thing in the process is your voice, its sound, timbre, and intonation.

Prepare the child’s dowry together. Make a budget and plan expenses, and visit children’s stores together — it will be a pleasant pastime together, and besides, family finances will suffer less if you schedule expenses in advance and carry them out systematically.

Talk to your wife about pregnancy and your experiences. That’s probably the hardest part. Try not to lock yourself in, not to build an unshakable hero in this situation. It will be easier for your wife, who herself may be agitated and confused, to understand you if you share your feelings with her, and together it will be easier for you to overcome difficulties.

How Can a Woman Support Her Future Father?

Remember — it’s not just you who are worried. Try to understand that, although all the physical difficulties of pregnancy are completely on your shoulders, psychological and emotional storms are raging in your spouse’s soul.

Listen to his “silence”. Men, unlike women, mostly worry in silence. If you want to talk about your worries and share them, then he most likely needs tacit support, even if he never asks for it out loud.

Think not only about yourself. Try not to focus solely on your worries, expectations, and your well-being. The most caring, most selfless future dad also needs understanding and support at this time.

Share the burden of responsibility. Do not lock yourself in yourself and what you want to do for the unborn child. Plan both purchases and actions together. Yes, you are a mother, you get used to a new role faster. The future father needs to be prepared and trained in his new duties. Having taken on everything, you will immediately create a stereotype in the family “all the care of the child lies with the woman.”