Love is Blind Season 4

The Love Is Blind Season 4 releases have officially arrived in the Pods. The first five episodes of season four dropped on Friday, March 24, on Netflix, and while the era of the Pods hasn’t yielded moments as wild as season three’s fake tears, a few personalities have left a memorable mark, for better or worse. Introduced by Nick Lachey and Vanessa Lachey, Love Is Blind asks if love is truthfully blind. This season is set in Seattle, the Capital, a new site after spending several seasons in Texas.

To continue with the honeymoon and wedding phases of the series, couples must consent to the Pods affianced to somebody they’ve never seen in person, instead relying on their bond formed on the Pod days. Love is Blind Season 4 has 12 episodes every Friday from March 24 to April 14. The next release will contain episodes 6-8, trailed by episodes 9-11, and before the episode 12 gathering.

While 30 singles made it into the Pods, only a handful made it to the next stage. Here, we break down which couples are still together from episode 5, plus some social media clues and hints at what’s coming from the upcoming release’s trailer.

Full Detail of Love is Blind Season 4


Love Is Blind Season 4 premiered on March 24, bringing a new batch of 30 hot singles. And after hours and hours of speaking through a wall in hopes of discovering a soul mate, five couples have formed. They are as follows: Kwame and Chelsea, Zach and Irina, Marshall and Jackie, Brett, and Tiffany, And Paul and Micah. So, all these couples made it to the altar? Below, we list each pair and where they are now.

Kwame e Chelsea

Chelsea and Kwame got off to a rocky start. Essentially, Kwame only ended up with her because her first choice, Micah, got engaged to someone else. So yeah, things are messy already, and it doesn’t help that Kwame still has Micah on her brain and needs some closure from him in Episode 4. As for where Kwame and Chelsea are today, their Instagram profiles offer no important clues. We’ll have to wait and see.

Zach e Irina

Unfortunately, Zach and Irina called it quits at the beginning of Love Is Blind season four. In the fifth episode, they mutually decide to separate. Irina doesn’t feel attracted to Zach, and he feels neglected by the way she treats him.

In a shocking turn of events, Zach meets Bliss after the breakup. Could they be the newest couple? We’ll have to wait and see.

Marshall e Jackie

It’s unclear if Jackie and Marshall are still together today, but we’re more inclined to not.

While their relationship has had some sweet moments, they seem opposites. Not to mention that Jackie exposed in a confessional that if she saw Marshall on a courting app, she wouldn’t swipe because she usually goes for guys taller than 6’5′ with tattoos and skills in basketball.

Also, Jackie broke down in Mexico, crying from the marriage pressure. She seems to have many doubts.

Brett e Tiffany

If we had to choose which Love Is Blind Season 4 couple is the most compatible, we’d say Brett and Tiffany. Unlike other combines, their joining has always been hard. They only had eyes for each other and no one else.

So, are they still together? After searching their social media profiles, we came up empty-handed. But, in the preview clip for the next batch of episodes, Tiffany is seen crying while another woman is questioning her. Next to her is a silent Brett.

Also, this clip shows another scene where Tiffany is crying, but this time, she’s at the altar. The preview then cuts to a scene of Brett in his suit, saying, “This should be a day without surprises. This shouldn’t happen to someone off-screen. Very menacing.

Paul and Micah

It’s hard to tell where Micah and Paul are currently. However, we see a shot of Micah walking down the aisle in the trailer for Love Is Blind season 4, so we know that at least the pair get to their big day. Whether or not they said ‘I do’ is a whole other story.

But judging by their respective Instagram accounts, their photos appear to have been taken in very different places. Likely, they have not completed their marriage. After all, Micah seemed to have mixed feelings about Kwame.

Official Trailer: Love Is Blind Season 4

Cast of Love is Blind Season 4

Ryland Longoni
April King
Ava Van Jenson
Bliss Poureetezadi
Brandie Bowman
Chelsea Griffin
Brett Brown
Chris Clemens
J Conner Fremmerlid
Irina Solomonova
Jack Bonner
Jackelina Bonds
Josh Demas
Jimmy Forde
Juan Johnson
Kacia Clark
Kendra Patrick
Monica Lewinsky
Molly McGrew
Micah Lussier
Marshall Glaze
Kwame Appiah
Paul Peden
Quincy Sutton
Tiffany Pennywell
Wendi Kong
Zack Goytowski
Joshua Shultz

What is Love Is Blind Season 4 Release Schedule and Episodes?

What is Love Is Blind Season 4 Release Schedule and Episodes?

Love Is Blind Season 4 will run weekly, with new episodes arriving on Fridays at 3:01 AM ET/12:01 PM PT. In short, there will be 12 episodes of In Love Is Blind Season 4, plus the reunion (which has not yet been announced). This makes season 4 the longest season to date, with weddings taking place in episode 12 as opposed to either episode 11 (season 3) or episode 10 (seasons 1-2).

  • Episodes 1-5: Friday 24 March
  • Episodes 6-8: Friday 31 March
  • Episodes 9-11: Friday 7 April
  • Episode 12 (finale): Friday 14 April

New episodes of Love Is Blind season are added to Netflix on Fridays at 3:00 a.m. ET.

When will ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 4 Debut?

On February 21, 2023, Netflix announced that Love Is Blind Season 4 will premiere on March 24. That means that in just over a month, a brand-new cast of singles will be coming to the pods as they try to find out if they truly love each other. He’s blind. While the track record of the couples on this show isn’t necessarily the best, that doesn’t mean fans won’t watch. Season 3 has reached nearly 48 million hours viewed by subscribers.

Those planning to watch every episode in one sitting need to breathe. Netflix releases shows like Love Is Blind and Perfect Match in weekly batches. The first five episodes will air on March 24, 6 through 8 will be released on March 31, and episodes 9 through 11 will hit the streamer on April 7. Love Is Blind: The season 4 finale will premiere on April 14. Previous seasons of the series include the reunion as the final episode, and it seems likely that Netflix will follow the same plan for season 4.


Created by Chris Coleen, the Netflix film Love Is Blind season 4 is one of the most popular reality shows fans worldwide cannot help but follow with interest. THE courting series has a unique concept that tests the idea of ​​love and attraction in a way never seen before. Since its premiere in 2020, the social experiment increase a large following of people who are quite absorbed in what their favorite reality TV superstars are up to these days. The same goes for the engaged couples in season 4 of the show, which was free and has fans excited about where the couples are at these days.

When you think the dust from Love Is Blind Season 3 is starting to settle, Netflix hits us with the news of the Love Is Blind Season 4 release date! Netflix has announced an opening date for the final season of its popular reality dating series, and fans won’t have to wait long to see the romance unfold between all-new cast members. Here’s what we know about the Love Is Blind season 4 premiere date, what city the producers pulled the cast from, and more.

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