Living Healthy.A healthy lifestyle is essential for everyone. When we take care of our physical health, we also feel better: fitter, more relaxed and more productive. Likewise, it is vital if you have a mental illness.

There are many ways to be healthy to make you feel good and good about yourself.

Benefits of a healthy life

Living Healthy life feel better mentally Regular exercise can improve your mood and help you feel better

Save Money:

Eating junk food, smoking, and drinking are costly habits

Fewer health problems:

A healthier lifestyle means a lesser risk of many diseases

Take control of your life:

Being healthy helps you take control of your life.

Get healthy again

“Healthy lifestyle” resources maintaining a healthy lifestyle and adopting habits that improve your health. Changing old habits can be difficult, but you can take steps to improve your health. An essential first step is to identify unhealthy patterns and learn new, positive habits to replace them,

such as:

eat a healthy and balanced diet

Sleep well and manage stress

Practice safe sex, drink alcohol responsibly and not abuse drugs

be physically active

keep in touch with others

Be aware of any health risks associated with your condition and its treatment, work with your doctor to manage them, and then take action

Take responsibility for your overall health, including regular eye and dental checkups.

How to develop positive health habits

The key to developing positive habits that you’re more likely to keep is

Start slowly

Change one thing at a time – look at the benefits that can come from eating a more balanced diet, exercising more or quitting smoking.

Make small changes:

A possible change becomes more of a habit that you stick to.

Go slow:

Making a change can be easier than doing everything simultaneously. For example, if you enjoy walking, try adding a manageable amount to your usual route.

Remember that increasing or adding just one new health behaviour can make a world of difference to your health.

handle challenges

You can do things to help overcome additional challenges related to your disease and its treatment, such as B. Drowsiness, sugar cravings, or lack of motivation. Steps you can take include:

Organize daily activities around medication side effects, e.g. B. If you are tired in the morning, organize exercises in the afternoon.

Discuss this with your doctor may be another medication to try or ask for a referral to a specialist, a nutritionist or a psychologist To get expert advice.

stay healthy

Being healthy is about more than being fit and feeling good; it’s about staying that way. Here are some tips to support you stay motivated:

Schedule consistent checkups with your doctor to screen your progress, and for that extra boost, you may need to continue.

Reward yourself:

Feel good about developing healthier habits by rewarding yourself with something nice.

Overcome slip-ups:

If you make a mistake, be realistic and start over.

find support

There are many ways to get the support you need to stay healthy. An important step is to find a good GP that you feel comfortable talking to about your health. Seeing the same GP every time allows you to work together to monitor your health and schedule checkups when needed.

Taking someone else as a “support person” can make a difference in maintaining healthy habits. Talk to your friends, family, a mental health program, or a social worker. Don’t forget about other services in your area that you can use.