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Kobees Lip balm- An Earth Eco Friendly lip balm

Kobees lip balm

kobees Organic lip balm

Back when covid started, I was searching through my Instagram feed. That’s when I came across kobees lip balm. I checked all videos on one of the small business pages, and it was satisfying enough for me to purchase it. We all use lip balm to moist our lip skin and to feel fresh all day long. Just imagine using the wrong lip balm that goes inside your stomach while eating and drinking. You will contain 2 pounds of lip balm in a year. so ,kobees lip balm is the most natural lip balm made with natural ingredients. Let’s see down all about kobees lip balm.

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Ingredients Used In Kobees Lip Balm

The main motive of kobee’s lip balm is the use of ingredient which is one hundred per cent natural. Best quality products make your lips feel hydrated and natural without any  chemical and preservation. Also, The main four ingredients used in Kobee’s lip balm are coconut oil, bee wax, sunflower oil and mango butter

Coconut Oil Is One Of The Ingredients Used In Kobees Lip Balm-

Coconut oil is a natural ingredient used in many recipes and cosmetic products. But, it helps to rejuvenate skin and moistures it and makes skin look healthier than before

Beeswax Is One Of The Ingredients Used In Kobees Lip Balm-

Beeswax is used in the lip balm as it is a natural emulsifier and helps bind all the ingredients. Moisturizes skin and heals dry and cracked lips.

Sunflower Seed Oil

Sunflower oil contains vitamin E helps in promoting healthy skin. It also, It has antioxidants that will help your lips to heal from cracks and moisture.

Mango Butter

it Also, Adds the smoothness and soothing properties you feel in every Kobees Lip balm. This magical ingredient adds anti-inflammatory and antioxidants to the already great balm.

The Procedure Of Kobees Organic Lip Balm

Take 100 gm of beeswax and 100ml of coconut oil and pour into a hot pan while keeping the flame on medium. Stir it until it becomes a little liquid, and then add sunflower seed oil of 50 ml. Continue the flame on medium heat just so you don’t burn out the entire wax, and keep on stirring. Finally, add some mango butter, like 30gm of mango butter which will make the lip balm more smooth; add some fragrance property and helps the great balm to excel.

Kobees Lip Balm Mission

Our Mission:

Also, Their mission is to give the earth back what we have taken from

Also, There’s a quote stating we aren’t inheriting the earth from our ancestors. We are taking it away from our future children. We need to take action on things we do in our daily life. Everything doesn’t change overnight. It takes time, but a little step now will change it coming over the years, .so here, kobee’s lip balm products are a simple way to create a positive start to a more friendly environment.

What Makes Kobees Lip Balm Different Than Other Lip Balms?

Kobees lip balm packaging in cardboard compostable chapstick tubes, which are biodegradable and compostable, is reusable. Even further than kobee’s lip balm, we want everyone person who purchases this lip balm will make a huge difference because a percentage of kobee’s total sales goes to a non-profit organization that is committe to cleaning our oceans and lakes. for a better cause. Because Bee the difference. Bee the change.


Beeswax Eco Balm

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Watermelon Eco Balm

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Ocean Balm

Ocean Balm

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Air Balm

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Tree Balm


My Review To Kobees Lip Balm

During the first time, I used beeswax lip balm. Also, It doesn’t smell like anything  after application, it just melts on your lips which is a good thing, and it just makes lips smoother and shiner the very second after application

I tried mango lip balm. It doesn’t have a colour but smells like mango. My fav one was coconut vanilla. It just smells so amazing I have got crazy for it. I have used it for a week, and my lip’s colour shade got lighter, and they are so soft when compare to before.

In conclusion, If I have to rate this kobee’s lip balm, I will give them a 9.8 out of a whole ten cuz there’s only one thing I didn’t like about it, it just stays for a shorter period of time. Else it is an amazing product to purchase for one’s  personal use.

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