Improve The Internet Speed On Your Ps5 With These Tips – The PS5 is one of the most coveted consoles today. It is logical, considering the hardware that it hides inside, not to mention the catalog of games for PlayStation 5. And the fact is that the lack of stock of this equipment has made it progressively sought-after product.

If you are lucky sufficient to have this new generation console, you will enjoy the occasional online gaming session. The problem is that sometimes the connection speed is not adequate to enjoy the best experience. Whether you want to connect to Sony’s servers to play online or because you have to download a title to your console, we’re going to see how to improve the PS5 connection.

Reasons Why The Internet Connection Of The Ps5 Is Slow

There are several reasons why you may be experiencing poor internet connection on your new generation console. Perhaps the signal from the router does not reach the room where the PlayStation 5 is with full power. There may also be too many devices connected, making the experience when trying to download a game not ideal.


Connection Play Internet

There may also be a problem with Sony’s servers. So we recommend that the first thing you should do if the PS5 Internet connection is slow is to enter this page and verify that PSN works as it should.


Ways to improve internet connection on Ps5

There are different methods to improve your console connection. The first thing you should know is if the problem is temporary or chronic. If the PS5 Internet is usually slow, the problem most likely has to do with the WiFi signal, especially if you do not experience this problem with any other device.

The console may be too far from the router, and the signal may not reach full strength. In this case, the model would be to connect the PS5 to your router via cable since it guarantees the best connection. If for whatever reason, you cannot touch the console by line, you can use a WiFi repeater that amplifies the signal from the router so that it reaches your PS5. Change DNS on PS5

As a third option, you can also reset the DNS servers used by the console to use Google’s. This should improve your Internet connection. To do this, you have to follow the following steps.

First, open the PS5 settings menu by clicking on the cogwheel located at the top right of the main menu.

Now, select Network and enter the Settings option.


Within the Settings, click on Configure Internet connection.

Therefore, Now a dropdown will open with different options. Click on the relationship you are currently using and click on Options.

Within the options, you must select Advanced Settings.

Finally, configure the console with the following parameters to improve the connection of your PS5.

IP address settings = automatic

DHCP host = do not specify

DNS configuration = manual

Primary DNS =

Secondary DNS =

Proxy server = do not use

MTU settings = automatic