The cosmetics market has created several products that can neutralize yellow reflections to restore shine to white hair. But with so many products out there, most people aren’t sure which of these ointments works best. To make this sorting easier for you, we have tested many products. So in this article, we will help you find the product that is right for you. There is a wide range of products. But we are only going to list for you what we have tested.

First Product: The Minute Spray

It is mainly intend for women who are often in a hurry. So if you don’t have time to let yourself be treated, the spray can a good alternative. The spray has a light texture that allows you to vaporize your hair. It also boosts the shine of your hair, thanks to its pearly shine. This is regardless of their condition, whether wet or dry.

The spray is equipped with UV filters that fight against yellowing. On top of that, the spray gives off a pleasant flowery scent. One of the only shortcomings of the product is its somewhat high price. It must be specific that the quantity of the spray is sufficient. In the end, the product is simple and can use quickly. It effectively destroys false reflections on white hair or cold blondes: blond Me Color Radiance Balm Spray, Schwarzkopf Professional, which costs 21.25 euros for 150 ml.

Second product: Colo Express

This product is recommend for those who want to get their hair back in shape, giving them a facelift. It is very effective because you can see its effect on the strand in just two minutes. You will regain the shine, and the result can last on your hair for almost ten shampoos. To apply it to your hair, you don’t need to mix it, and you can reuse it as you wish. Its use is still a little restrictive because it requires the use of earnings.

This is to avoid staining your hands. To do this, use a towel to save your clothes. Therefore, the express color is an effective solution for an ad hoc basis for an immediate result. The brand we recommend is Age Perfect Beautifying Color Care, L’Oréal Paris. This product costs 12 euros for 80 ml. You can use it in the white or silver version.


Third product: Patina Cleansing Gel

The product we recommend is Blanc Chic Shampoo Déjaunisseur, Dessange Competence Professionnelle, which costs around 4.30 euros and has a capacity of 250 ml. It is mainly intended for those with whiteheads who want to gain pep in record time. It is straightforward to use. One of those only flaws is the slight drying effect it leaves on long hair after prolonged use. It should use at least twice a week instead of your traditional shampoos. The product’s effectiveness is no longer proven but to use it to the fullest of its capacities. It is better to combine it with a conditioner.

Fourth product: The 2-in-1 Mask

This product has design for those who have long or medium-long hair or White Hair  and whose fiber requires permanent maintenance. The mask has a flowery scent. It can easily apply to the lengths in less than ten minutes. You can take a quantity gently in your hand because it has a pump. You can buy several shades or even customize them by creating your color. It is possible to attenuate the dye obtained with a white mix. However, the product is not easy to handle. To use it, you have to deal with gloves. The mask is effective and nourishing. In addition, it is not expensive although it contains enough product. Our particular recommendation is Pearl Silver Color Refresh, Maria Nila. Its price is at 26 euros for 300 ml.


Fifth and last Product: Smart Shampoo

However, This shampoo was designed for those who love simplicity. For all women who do not wish to add deception to their beauty. The product is equipped with violet pigments to prevent and correct yellow reflections. It should be apply and left for five minutes in lukewarm water. The shampoo is a bit expensive. The fact that it must use twice a week further complicates the task for the client. The shampoo must be a product for smart people. It is use to prevent and correct problems with short or long hair. We recommend Pepper and Salt Shampoo, Colour by Rodolphe, which sells for 25 euros for 250 ml.