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How to increase grip strength?

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How to increase Grip strength in weightlifting?

How to increase grip strength? Grip strength is necessary to perform many everyday tasks and various sports. It is also vital for weightlifting. The force you can grip and grab the bar when performing weightlifting moves can significantly impact your performance.

Some people limit their grip strength and try to improve it. There are several ways to improve grip strength through exercises, special tools, and gripping methods.

What is Grip Strength?

Grip strength is the force you can generate with your grip. There are several types of grip strength, including:


This type of grip strength uses the fingers and palm.


Assist grip strength refers to how long you can grip or hang.


The force with which you can grasp something between your fingers and thumb.

How to Improve Grip Strength

Grip strength can be improved by practicing the same weightlifting moves that use the grip. However, several other methods to increase grip strength through specific exercises and tools are also used.

Improve Grip Strength at your House

You can recover your grip strength at home with a towel, heavy book, tennis ball, grocery bags, or rubber bands.


Dampen a towel and hold each end horizontally in front of you. Holding the ends together, roll the towel in opposite directions.

Heavy Book:

Hold a heavy book firmly between your fingers and thumb. If that’s not difficult, try moving your fingers and thumb along the spine of the book from end to end and vice versa.

Tennis Balls

Hold a tennis ball in one’s palm and crush with only your fingers (thumbs up). Push as hard as you can before freeing. Reappearance this exercise up to 100 times a day.

Grocery Bag

When bringing groceries home, use large reusable bags that hold a lot of weight. Carry them by your side like a peasant’s burden.

Rubber bands

Wrap two or more rubber bands around the ends of your fingers and thumb and practice opening and closing your fingers by spreading them apart against the resistance of the rubber bands. Add more bars as your strength improves.

Tools to Improve Grip Strength

There are tools specifically designed to increase grip strength, such as B. Tweezers and grip-forming pads. A pair of pliers is a hand-held tool that squeezes between the palm and fingers. There are different resistance levels up to 100 pounds.

Grip Construction Pads, or pads that wrap around weights, increase the diameter available to allow you to grip for your specific exercise. In addition, it increases muscle activation in the hands, forearms, and upper arms to increase grip strength.

Exercises To Improve Grip Strength


Pull-ups use supportive and breaking grip strength. It is a great bodyweight exercise that can increase your grip and forearm strength.

Dead Hang


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