This lesson will discuss how specific health and fitness organizations play a crucial role in helping athletes meet their daily fitness goals.


There should be a support system in every working environment, such because an IT department, but when computer problems arise; support systems help people grow, and develop new ideas or strategies, solve problems, and provide general support.

The fitness industry is the same as it was. More and more people are health aware and choosing to exercise and eat better to live longer and healthier lives. Because health and fitness organizations play a supportive role for both the average person but who wants to make healthier choices in their lives and the athlete who needs to perform better and get faster and more robust.

The Athlete

An athlete is a defining term representing a person capable of engaging in physical activity, but related to a specific sport or just regular exercise. Because these players use the equipment and resources at their disposal to achieve their goals. But it could be someone who has hired a personal trainer at a gym to help them lead a healthier lifestyle. And it could represent a professional soccer player using a strength and conditioning coach to help them in their particular position to become stronger. Because the benefits of physical activity are numerous. And some of the main goals of physical activity include improving:

Body Composition –

Because, this may be the number one reason for physical activity. And it is the overall ratio of lean body tissues in the body, and including muscle tissue and bone, to fat mass. Because the higher the percentage of slim body mass, and the better the overall body composition.


So the ability to generate maximum power.


So the ability to move quickly.

Here are some other physical activity goals:


So the skill to effectively use different parts of the body together.


So the range of motion within which the body or the joints in the body can function effectively.

Power –

The end product of the combination of power and speed. Because who may not be athletes, but physical activity can still provide many benefits for a healthier lifestyle, and including overall weight management.

Athlete in Training

Whatever their fitness goal, athletes and health and fitness professionals can find an organization to encourage and support them in their endeavours. So these organizations exist to advance the profession and to help each individual improve. And there are many organizations geared towards supporting athletes of all types.

Here are some examples:

The National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)

It is a large organization that serves personal trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, and other fitness professionals by providing valuable resources and information, but professional certifications.

The National Association for Health and Fitness

It is an organization that provides information and material resources to individuals and professionals involved in the health and fitness industry.

The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)

It is one of the largest health organizations focused on exercise science and sports medicine. But this organization provides access to educational opportunities. And the latest scientific research to enable sports medicine and fitness professionals to expand their knowledge base and allow athletes to train better.

The National Academy of Sports and Medicine

It is a society dedicated to helping health and fitness professionals advance. Their education through continuing education certifications, classes, and workshops.