Amber Heard Movies List

Amber Heard Movies List is time to set the Depp-Heard debate sideways and look at Amber Heard’s impressive film graph. It is an American actress best known for appearing in movies such as Aquaman, Justice League, and The Rum Diary. After appearing in various music videos, her initial picture role was a small portion in Friday Night Lights. Since then, her career gradually progress, attracting more notice and announcements until she consider for essential roles instead of secondary ones. While Amber Heard’s personal life may be of attention to some, her professional work has made her a domestic name. Now, let’s look at approximately one of the renowned Amber Heard movies of all time.

The Best 7 Amber Heard Movies List

The Best 7 Amber Heard Movies List

1. Drive Angry- 2011

Amber Heard costars in the 2011 crime thriller Pouring Angry, absorbed by Patrick Lussier. The film shadows Milton (played by Nicolas Cage) as he plans to punish those who killed his offspring. Amber plays the role of Bagpiper, Milton’s sultry sidekick and the one who appears to comprehend him. She delivers an intense presentation that is both seductive and commanding.

2. The Rum Diary – 2011

Amber heard stars in The Rum Diary, a 2011 dim comedy-drama film founded on the original of the same name printed by Hunter S. Thompson. Amber Heard plays Chenault, a beautiful and enigmatic woman who helps journalist Paul Kemp (played by Johnny Depp). Kemp discovers new depths to his life through their bond and an unanticipated romance with Amber Heard.

Heard gave an excellent performance in this movie, and it was one of her initial roles that earned her critical acclaim and improved her career. The chemistry with Johnny Depp is burning, making The Rum Journal one of the iconic Amber Heard movies.

3. Machete Kills – 2013

In Machete Kills, Amber plays an enigmatic and dangerous woman with a vendetta against the ecosphere’s most infamous arms dealer. Amber delivers a penetrating performance that is both seductive and terrifying. Her performance transports the appeal to life and adds complexity to the story. Amber plays her role credibly, and her presence in the show will surely draw spectators in. She shines throughout the Amber Heard movie, making it an adrenaline-filled deed flick that keeps you enthralled until the end. The movie covers memorable set pieces, unpredictable plot twists, and an electrifying presentation as Miss San Antonio, all of which make this one of Amber’s heard movies worth viewing.

4. 3 Days To Kill – 2014

Amber plays an ex-CIA manager in this action thriller tasked with eliminating a hazardous international criminal. The film follows Amber’s atmosphere as she must battle her demons to complete the assignment and protect her family from harm. Amber’s presentation is top-notch, making it one of the best Amber Heard movies.

The fantastic cast also comprises Kevin Costner and Hailee Steinfeld, all solid bringing performances that make the movie an exhilarating and engaging watch Heard polishes as the tough but strong-minded lead, showing her highest acting ability.

5. Never Back Down – 2008

In this exciting drama film, Amber plays a disobedient teen who is ask to join an underground fighting club and learns valuable lessons. Her presentation was acclaims for her emotional range and influential presence. And she even earned herself a suggestion from the Phoenix Film Critics Society Awards for Best Innovation Presentation. Amber displays great personality and believable chemistry with her co-stars, making her character’s voyage all the more poignant. The fight sequences are extraordinarily choreographed, giving viewers a real thrill ride beyond what you suppose from an average movie. Never Back Down is one of the prevalent Amber Heard movies that brings an inspiring story about perseverance and growing above adversity.

6. All the Boys Love Mandy Lane – 2006

6. All the Boys Love Mandy Lane - 2006

It is an American slasher picture directed by Jonathan Levine showcasing Amber Heard, Michael Welch, Whitney Able, and Anson Mount. The plot hinges on a group of popular high schoolers who invite a nice-looking outsider, Mandy Lane, to spend the vacation at a secluded ranch house, where a ruthless killer follows them.

Initially completed in 2006, the film premiered at several anniversaries throughout 2006 and 2007, including the Toronto International Film Festival, Sites Film Festival, South by Southwest, and London Fright Fest Film Festival. It received a theatrical release in the United Kingdom on February 15, 2008. All the Boys Love Mandy Lane received mixed reviews from critics, with some dismissing the film as “bogus and compromised” and others praising its “grindhouse” aesthetic and likening its cinematography to the early work of Terrence Mallick and Toba Hooper.

7. London Fields – 2018

London Fields is a 2018 neo-noir film absorbers by Mathew Cullen with a scenario by Roberta Hanley and Martin Amis, ground on the 1989 novel of the same designation. The movie stars Billy Bob Thornton as Samson Early, an incurably ill writer who has suffered from writer’s block for 20 years. The cast contains Amber Heard, Jim Sturges, Theo James, Jason Isaacs, Cara Delevingne, Obi Abili, and Jaimie Alexander.

The situation remained designated to screen in the Special Presentations section of the 2015 Toronto Worldwide Film Festival. Still, it was later pulled from the festival roster after manager Mathew Cullen sued the film’s producers, reproachful them of fraud and using his designation. And also, In to promote a cut of the film he does not support. After the producers settled with Cullen in a separate claim, London Fields was release dramatically in the United States on 26 October 2018. And was a dangerous and profitable failure.


These are just some of the Amber Heard Movies List you should check out if you’re looking for good movie night knowledge or want to learn more about Amber Heard Movies List and her impressive filmography. With an eclectic mix of types, from action whodunnits to romantic comedies, she has something for everyone.

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