It is essential to know that there is no generic product development process and that each version of that process will vary in the depth and detail covered by each statement. This article explains the eight steps of the product development process listed below.


The first step in the product development process is brainstorming. At this point, the company develops many different and unique ideas based on internal and external sources. Internal sources of ideas generally relate to the company’s internal research and development teams. And,external sources tell to innovations from competitors, requests from customers, dealers, suppliers, etc. Therefore, the company focuses on generating as many actionable ideas as possible.

Idea Selection:

The following step is to select this generally broad collection of ideas. The main goal of this phase is to focus on ideas that align with the value for the customer and the company’s financial goals. In addition, the degree focuses on filtering out flawed or unworkable ideas and keeping those with good potential. Finally, it ensures the company doesn’t suffer losses by pursuing fickle ideas that don’t promise decent returns.

Development and Proof of Concept:

The third step in the product development process is development and proof of concept. In this phase, good product ideas must be translated into detailed product concepts and communicated in a consumer-friendly manner. Should design the picture to protect the product in terms of consumer perception, who might accept it in the market, and potential customers. Must then test the concept by presenting it to the target consumers and considering their reactions.

Marketing Strategy Development:

Four steps of developing new products in market . In this phase, the company tries to develop strategies to bring an excellent product to market. Therefore, the company must determine the price, potential sales figures, and advertising and distribution channels at this stage.

Business Analysis:

The product concept undergoes rigorous business analysis or testing to determine projected sales and revenue, assess risks, and determine whether the product is financially viable to produce. Take The business goals into account. As they achieve, the product moves to the next stage.

Product Development:

This is the phase that occurs after a company’s management has declared that a product concept is consistent with the company’s goals and has given the green light for development. The company’s R&D department then works on the product concept for many months, or in some cases even years, to develop a working prototype of the product concept.

Test to Market –

This is the penultimate step in the new product development process and involves testing the product and its proposed time to market in realistic market environments. This step provides an overview of how will launch the product, be promoted, produced, packaged, distributed, and finally sold to customers to make any necessary optimizations.


The last step in the product development process is commercialization. Based on the information gathered during the test marketing process. Company management can decide whether to proceed with the product launch or put it on hold. Finally, if the green light, the product is brought to market, which is called commercialization. This step often comes with a substantial initial investment in infrastructure, promotion, and advertising.


The main goal of the entire product development process is to create high customer value and ensure that the product is well established in the market. But, more importantly, each company must adequately assess the type of commitment required to produce the product and whether or not it can undertake such a commitment based on the financial and administrative resources at its disposal. This 8-step product development process is by no means a fundamental structure that makes or breaks a product. Still, it certainly provides a good starting point for any company looking to bring a product to market.

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